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More. Better.

 Do you wake up in the morning, already tired, with the nagging thought, “There must be something more. There must be something better than this hamster wheel of my life.”?

More. Better. is a program designed for men to provide an opportunity to honor your intolerance of and put an end to anything less than extraordinary for your life.  

Jewels will introduce you to insights, actionable  tools, and perspectives that will radically shift your experience of ho hum hum drum into a life of extraordinary satisfaction and fulfillment in your work life and in your relationships. 

You will learn:

  • How to transform your relationships into powerful and lasting partnerships to feel the support of having people on your side instead of feeling like everyone is working against you and that you have to go it alone.
  • What it is like to act in partnership with yourself and how that that one simple thing changes your experience everything else.
  • About your natural untapped super powers that are desperately needed by the women in your life. 
  • How to develop these super powers in order to create the life you have always dreamed of but thought was impossible. 


WARNING: Participation in this program may cause a drastic increase in confidence, transform shitty situations into pure awesomeness, and may cause sudden overwhelming moments of peace, ease, joy, laughter, and delight. 


Podcast and Program

He Who Would Be King

 He Who Would Be King is a program for men who  want to do their  "part" in their partnerships and desire actionable tools, insights, and understanding in order to empower  themselves and the women in their lives; be it girlfriends, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, co=workers, or friends.

Jewels has a deep appreciation for who  men naturally are. In her membership program and podcast, He Who Would Be King, she provides a safe community  for men to access a glimpse that society rarely offers of  how important and needed they are and to develop into the most powerful version of themselves to bear the weight of their crown, for the benefit of all in their realm, and for their kingdoms to thrive. Currently in production.


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