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Going it alone:

How is that working out for you?

It is our natural tendency to want to figure out how to do life, work, and relationships all by ourselves. We think we should be able to do it alone and do it as well and better than others. When we don't or can't, it sucks. We might outwardly blame others for our failure and inside beat ourselves up for not being good enough, smart enough, lucky enough.

Have you gotten lost  or disoriented on the treasure map to seeking  jewels, secrets, hacks for getting what you want or to where you want to go in your life? Are you about to give up on yourself, your goals,  your relationship, or the future you have always dreamed of? Your efforts have not been in vain. 

Congratulations, you found me!

Jewels is a compassionate and powerful guide whose own journey began at the age of 19 . 

She has spent many decades in pursuit of ancient and modern day  knowledge, wisdom, and teachers, who have led her to discover key clues that were never provided for you on your treasure map or training  for how to win at this life. 


Jewels Harrison is an Organizational Well Being and Partnership Expert, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Transformational Partnership Coach, Business Consultant, and Multi-passionate Entrepreneur. She has a background in Theatre, Film, and Writing from the University of Iowa, extensive training and years of practice as a Bodyworker and Healer, decades of study in different forms of Non-dual Tantric Yoga, Energy Practices, and Mindfulness Meditation, and a plethora of Mastery Level Certifications from world renowned teachers and thought leaders. She has an insatiable desire for continued learning and growth and a generosity of heart to make the greatest difference in people’s lives to cause more freedom, peace, and pleasure for all; gifts that she holds strongly as our birthright as human beings.

Jewels has an uncanny ability to take big mind and consciousness expanding concepts and simplify them into meaningful, bite sized practices that cause the biggest impact with the least amount of expended time, money, and energy. She takes great pleasure in  tying together deep spiritual  practices with the latest in brain science making her unique understandings incredibly direct and potent, yet simple, efficient, and extremely actionable. 

Take my hand. Let's do this!

My commitment is to empower you with an inner knowingness and confidence in your innate ability to solve the challenges that life throws at you and to delight in the process. Your life will be one of more pleasure, partnership, success, and satisfaction.

How may I be of service to you?

How may I be of service to you?

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Finding Jewels: Custom Coaching and Consulting

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