Jewels has a  very gentle yet direct way of opening up my eyes to behaviors and beliefs where I get in my head and get in my own way. I am so much more comfortable in just being me. My confidence is through the roof .

The work we have done together over the last year has been transformative. I got recruited by a highly regarded, high performance team within my company and received a  big pay raise with the promotion. I have been branching out , making new friends, and trying new activities that I might not have before.  I get asked  all the time, "What's different about you?" It is confirmation to me of the efforts I have made to improve myself through working with Jewels. 

I have had more dates and while I still haven't found my special lady yet, I know I am becoming the kind of partner and man who can create the kind of future and happy, healthy family I want to have someday.


Austin, TX



Jewels is an extraordinary coach. She listens deeply and hears even the things that are not said. She is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable. In the coaching calls that we have done together, she has helped me work through some significant obstacles that I did not even know were there. I would highly recommend Jewels as she has been instrumental in the work that I have been doing on myself both personally and professionally.  


President at JHill's Staffing Services, a division of Marcum Search LLP/Keynote/Author/Radio Host/Career Expert

Los Angeles, CA



Thank you so much! Working with you has brought my husband and I so much closer together. I went from not wanting him and one foot out the door to (pinch me) the best sex we have had in our 20 years together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Kelly P.

Palm Desert, CA



Jewels has given me insight and freedom  into an issue that has been  a plague  on my family for decades. My wife and children have been emotional collateral damage to my random angry outbursts and rage. I never directed it at anyone but the explosion would generate shrapnel that got all over anyone within hearing distance. I was ashamed of it and it felt beyond my control to stop.

I was incredibly skeptical of working with a coach, I only regret not having done it sooner. 


Austin, TX



“The training we received from Jewels

created insights into where there were

major breakdowns in the partnership

dynamics of our team. She provided

the support we needed in developing

greater clarity around who was

accountable for what and drilling

down even further into what was

needed to accomplish our team goals.

We are nearly three months into the

year and have already met our

financial projections for 2018.”

Lisa H.

Vice President, High Performance

Aviation Telemetry Company

Reno, NV




“I thought I was an amazing boss to work for. I would go above and beyond to let my team know how much I appreciated them as a way of improving their performance. It wasn’t working and was making me frustrated and causing me to question my abilities as an effective leader. Jewels helped clarify where my efforts to bring out the best in my, mostly young millennial, team members were failing and specifically what we could be doing differently. The change has had a huge impact on our cohesiveness to provide the best experience possible for our clientele.” 


Spa Director, Luxury Boutique Hotel & Resort Chain

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